51 “Bitcoin is Dead” Declarations

Bitcoin has been declared dead over 300 times over the past 9 years of its existence. The cryptocurrency still lives on and how! We scanned the internet to get the top 51 recent declarations of “Bitcoin is over”, “Bitcoin cannot survive”, “Bitcoin is Rat’s Poison” commentary by known and super unknown people. Here is our list of death write-ups / virtual obituaries written for Bitcoin.

In ascending order of year-wise chronology:


RIP 20101. Why Bitcoin can’t be a currency | The Underground Economist

“In nature, positive feedback loops like exist with Bitcoin are lethal; the only thing that’s even kept Bitcoin alive this long is its novelty. Either it will remain a novelty forever or it will transition from novelty status to dead faster than you can blink.”


RIP 20112. Why Bitcoin will fail | Apenwarr

“Like the gold standard, a successful bitcoin would send our economy back into the dark ages. . . . Even if it became popular, governments would squash it because of #1 and because they like being in power. . . . With bitcoin, a single failure of the cryptosystem could result in an utter collapse of the entire financial network.”

3. Why Bitcoin Will Fail As A Currency | Tav’s Blog

4. So, That’s the End of Bitcoin Then | Tim Worstall | Forbes


RIP 20125. Wired, Tired, Expired for 2012: EXPIRED – Bitcoin” | Wired

“At the height of its popularity, Bitcoin was trumpeted as a viable alternative currency for the internet age, a monetary system engineered to prevent theft, gaming, and criminalization. Then came the malware, the black market, the legal ambiguities and The Man. Today, you can’t even use it to buy Facebook stock.”


RIP 20136. The SEC Shows Why Bitcoin Is Doomed | Bloomberg View

7. Why Bitcoin Is Doomed To Fail | moneygeek

8. Bitcoin Is A Joke | Business Insider

9. Bitcoin is still doomed | Bloomberg

10. How bitcoin is going to fail and why it is not a gold equivalent | Fester’s Den

11. A Prediction: Bitcoin Is Doomed to Fail | The New York Times


RIP 201412. One Thing You Can Bank On: The Bitcoin Currency Is Doomed | Valley News

“Sorry, but Bitcoin isn’t the future. If anything, it’s a throwback to an earlier era, when private currencies circulated alongside government-sponsored money. In fact, if you strip away its technological trappings — the encryption, the peer-to-peer networks — Bitcoin closely resembles these earlier private efforts.”

Stephen Mihm For Bloomberg News

13. An early obituary for bitcoin | Edward Hadas| Reuters

“The pseudo-currency is close enough to collapse to merit an early retrospective.”

14. Why Bitcoin Is Doomed as a Currency | Gaurav Seetharam | The Motley Fool

15. Bitcoin Fails As A Currency And The Bubble Will Eventually Pop |Robert Wagner | Seeking Alpha

16. The Exact Date for Bitcoin’s Final Crash to $0.00 | Wall Street Daily

17. Bitcoin is Dead | Street Insider

18. Bitcoin Is Dead | The Weekly Standard

19. Sorry, libertarians: Your dream of a Bitcoin paradise is officially dead and gone | Andrew Leonard | Salon TV

20. Bitcoin’s financial network is doomed | Henry Farrell | Washington Post


RIP 201521. Is this the end of Bitcoin? | BizNews

22. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin appears to be falling apart | NewStatesman

23. Bitcoin might be dead. It doesn’t matter |The Telegraph

“Bitcoin the currency may be dying, but it doesn’t matter. . . .”

24. Bitcoin is headed to the ‘ash heap | USA Today

25. Bitcoin to Die. It’s Unavoidable | Arduino Tronic | YouTube

26. The End of Bitcoin | Whistling In The Wind

27. Bitcoin is dying and will be remembered like pogs | International Business Times

28. Five Reasons Bitcoin Revolution is Over | Sputnik News

“Bitcoin will fail, not for fans lack of trying, but rather its status will never be more than an interesting concept championed by those in the techie or libertarian camp.”

– Sputnik News, February 22, 2015

29. Bitcoin is going to disappear | IEX.nl


RIP 201630. R.I.P. Bitcoin. It’s time to move on. | Washington Post

31. Death Sentence for the World’s Most Popular Cryptocurrency | David Yermack | CoinTelegraph

32. Performing an Autopsy on the Bitcoin | Roger Arnold | Real Money | The Street

33. Bitcoin is a bubble. It will burst on Monday 12 December 2016 | Jiri Kram | LinkedIn


RIP 201734. Bitcoin passes $1,000 but only number that matters is zero | Dan McCrum | Financial Times

35. Bitcoin Will Never Be a Currency: It’s Something Way Weirder | Wired

36. Bitcoin is a Bubble We’ve Seen Before | McClellan Financial Publications

37. The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin (And The New Kid On The Blockchain) | Ben Lee | Forbes

38. The Death of Bitcoin | The Daily Reckoning

39. Bitcoins: Are You Kidding Me? | Seeking Alpha

40. Stay away from bitcoin — it’s complete garbage | Market Watch


RIP 201841. The End of Bitcoin | The Wayfinder

42. 5 Reasons Bitcoin Won’t Survive | Investing.com

43. Bitcoin’s Demise Moves Closer | Matt Smith | The Motley Fool

44. How Bitcoin Ends | Douglas Rushkoff | Fast Company

45. Bitcoin: The Poison Has Begun To Spread | Seeking Alpha

46. 7 Reasons Bitcoin Is Doomed |Steve Goldberg | Kiplinger

47.  The Bitcoin Fad is Over | Arnuj Naik | Seeking Alpha

48. Bitcoin Is Worthless, Bubble May Pop Soon, Allianz Global Says | Stefan Hofrichter | Bloomberg

 “In our view, its intrinsic value must be zero. A bitcoin is a claim on nobody – in contrast to, for instance, sovereign bonds, equities or paper money – and it does not generate any income stream.”

– Stefan Hofrichter, Head of Global Economics and Strategy, Allianz Global

49. Bitcoin’s (BTC) Story May Have Come To An End” | Ross Peili | The Independent Republic

50. Bitcoin’s Need For Electricity Is Its ‘Achilles Heel’ | Frances Coppola

51. Warren Buffett says bitcoin is ‘probably rat poison squared’ | CNBC


One thought on “51 “Bitcoin is Dead” Declarations

  1. Bitcoin will die, eventually; like everything else. Currencies as we know today came into being after other forms of “value” died. But before BTC dies, it would live and exist for many moons. Whether it turns out to be a stepping stone for digital currency or the cornerstone of a new way to transfer value is as yet uncertain. But, it is certain that crypto currencies led by BTC have already shown a way to create and transfer wealth without involving large financial
    Bitcoin is dead, long live bitcoin.

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